A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Imagine you have been gifted a superpower where you became a rocket launcher and the rockets are your arms, but it is excruciatingly painful each and every time you eject your arms and they don't grow back. 

Your primary form of movement is to ride shock waves produced by the explosions from your rocket arms. Although it is a simple game mechanic to understand, it is difficult to master and there are many different techniques to explore. 

How did you get here?

You felt like a meaningless pile of flesh. You wanted something interesting in your life to happen - ANYTHING AT ALL, so you went on some sketchy foreign website that claimed to offer "real-life superpowers" and you made the cheapest purchase. That probably explains why the rockets hurt.

One day you were randomly abducted from your house and thrown onto an operating table. A group of burly men hold you down as you squirm in confusion and you pass out from shock. But then you wake up in a strange empty room with orange clothes on.

Install instructions

Windows- run setup.exe and follow instructions

Mac- decompress the file and run


Rocket Arm Man 1.1 (Windows Installer) 256 MB
Rocket Arm Man 1.1 (Mac Compressed) 261 MB


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